Career in Engineering And Leather Technology

Earlier, when we thought of having a career, of becoming an effective being, all we could think of, was becoming a lawyer or a doctor or maybe a good engineer. These were the stereotypical career options in order to the youth. They for you to confine their dreams to professional courses. Even deciding on deviating from these fields was considered blasphemous. Words like anna university counselling and innovation were a taboo and were considered to be ill professions in society. A person, who chose to exhibit his creativity skills, either stayed unemployed or had begin his own enterprise.

However, renaissance has brought along with it ne flow of ideas and too a new structure of education which focuses on the creative aspect as let me tell you. Many new career options are budding all around the world which are appreciated and supported, like leather technology, mass comm, interior decoration etc. however, the careers which have remained in the top have not lost their value, rather new branches have opened up like career in architectural engineering or career in environmental engineering.

There has been a recent spread of awareness regarding protection of atmosphere. Due to the recently formed consciousness, a large mass of youth is attracted towards a career in environmental engineering.

They aim at protecting our environment and becoming the guardians of natural beauty. India is really a developing country, together with the help of budding talents, it really is one of swiftest growing economies across the globe. However, a major backdrop is that, this development is degrading the environment The role of environmental engineers is t find a middle way may not hamper turn out to be of the country as well as try to minimise the degradation for this environment.

A career in leather technology has gained much popularity in the the past few years. I You need to obtain into the best college that offers this course capable to succeed in this particular field. It works with production, designing and marketing. You can specialize in any one the fields.

Some of the colleges that offer this course are, Anna University, Central Footwear Training centre, National Institute of favor Technology, college of Leather technology, consequently on.

All the mentioned fields, career in architectural technology , environmental engineering and leather technology come from different fields as well as relate to some other in any method by which. However, they all serve exactly the same purpose of creating the success of the nation.

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